100% Quality Guarantee

A Commitment to Quality

Your patients rely on you for reliable results. You can depend on us for the same. With Sleep Strategies scoring services you’ll have:

  • Three levels of quality control
  • Secure 256-bit AES encryption
  • HIPAA compliance with annual training
  • A dedicated team of registered technologists and management assigned to your account.

Our skilled team of senior QA technologists provides around-the-clock, error-free sleep scoring. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

How Does it Work?

To ensure sleep scoring accuracy and our guarantee, Sleep Strategies has implemented three independent levels of quality control.

Sleep Strategies Internal Quality Assurance Program

Our quality assurance department has some of the most qualified and experienced RPSGTs in the industry. They continually review the scoring performed by our registered technologists to ensure it meets the highest quality standards—namely, yours. Including both inter-rater reliability scoring and audit reviewing, this level of internal quality control is unprecedented in the sleep scoring service industry.

Quality Feedback and Rescore Request

If you have a question about a study we have scored for you, simply return a request form to our quality assurance department and they will immediately investigate. There are no extra fees for either the review or, should it be necessary, a rescore.

Data Acquisition Evaluation (DAE) Report — An Industry First

The best sleep scoring depends on accurate data collection during the study. Sleep Strategies can offer recommendations with every scored report that will help your team gather sleep study data more accurately, effectively and efficiently. The information in our DAE Report can be used when meeting AASM accreditation quality assurance requirements, and can be an invaluable tool for employee evaluations and reviews. You save time and raise the bar when serving more patients.