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Sleep Strategies CEO named among top female entrepreneurs

We are thrilled to announce that Natalie Morin, President & CEO of Sleep Strategies Inc. has been named in PROFIT magazine’s W100 ranking of Top Women Entrepreneurs. Ranking PROFIT magazine’s Top Female Entrepreneurs on a composite score based on the … Continue reading

Virtual Extension of your Sleep Laboratory

A behind the scenes look at how sleep scoring services aim to form seamless partnerships with clients The use of sleep scoring services has gained tremendous momentum as more and more hospitals and sleep labs change their internal operations to … Continue reading

The Pursuit of Perfection

Ways to diminish scoring discrepancies No one is immune to oversights. Even well-intentioned people are subject to human errors, mix-ups, and omissions. What must be differentiated are the unavoidable, isolated incidents from systematic causes. Since scoring sleep studies is one … Continue reading

Sleep Strategies wins Top of Class Award for their sleep services

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