Home Sleep Test Scoring Services

Assisting Healthcare Providers with Home Sleep Test Scoring Services

Home Sleep testing is becoming increasingly popular. Such advances shorten the time between diagnosis and either treatment or more comprehensive testing. Healthcare providers who are looking to cut costs and streamline operations are turning to home sleep studies as a viable option and alternative for patient care.

Sleep labs and healthcare organizations, including homecare companies, dental practices and insurance companies are aggressively incorporating this form of diagnostic testing as the sleep medicine industry continues to refine its approaches.

For the best accuracy and integrity, the AASM recommends these studies be scored manually by registered technologists.

We offer guaranteed turn-around times—same-day, 24, 48, or 72 hours—and no start-up or cancellation fees. We always work to the highest standards of quality in the sleep scoring industry—many of which we have helped to establish.

Sleep Strategies home sleep test scoring division ensures your home sleep tests are scored by industry-recognized RPSGTs and interpreted by DABSM physicians. We were the first scoring service to develop a nation-wide model of analysis and interpretation solutions making the home sleep testing process quicker and much more convenient for our clients who are offering this option to their patients.

As the home sleep testing market continues to grow, ensure your facility or organization is practicing the gold standard. Use Sleep Strategies to obtain the most dependable degree of analysis there is.

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