Pediatric Sleep Scoring Services

Pediatric Analysis Performed by RPSGTs Experienced in Pediatric Scoring

  • According to the National Institutes of Health National Centre on Sleep Disorder Research, more than two million American children suffer from sleep disorders.
  • It’s estimated—conservatively—that approximately 30–40 percent of children do not sleep enough.
  • Pediatric polysomnography is one of the fastest-growing, in-demand areas of sleep medicine.
  • Scoring infant and pediatric data is much more complex than adult data.

Many other companies cannot offer pediatric sleep scoring because of the precise training and experience it requires. Sleep Strategies is one of the very few companies that employs registered technologists who are experienced in pediatric sleep scoring. Our pediatric division is comprised of team members that have extensive experience working with pediatric patients, and are highly regarded for their specific skills and knowledge in this unique discipline.

Ensure your pediatric studies are being scored by knowledgeable, pediatric specialists by choosing Sleep Strategies as your scoring provider.

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