Quality Assurance Programs & Services

Quality Assessment Programs

As part of our education services, Sleep Strategies offers a range of quality assessment programs. Ensure your in-house technologists fully understand the latest industry changes, best practices and are able to effectively score using current AASM standards!

For facilities registered with the AASM-ISR program, easily integrate our scorers’ results within your program’s quality assurance reporting functionality. All of Sleep Strategies’s technologists participate in the AASM-ISR program in order to comply with current AASM accreditation standards.

For facilities that need to meet other industry standards, for accreditation purposes, we can provide detailed, targeted reports.

Our assessments include:

  • A review of randomly selected sleep studies for each technologist scoring for your facility
  • A detailed analysis and reporting of the results for all sleep scoring parameters (staging, arousals, respiratory and movement events)

Sleep Strategies has assisted numerous leading hospitals and laboratories to set up their sleep laboratories for maximum effectiveness.

Rely on Sleep Strategies when you need to streamline your internal processes, avoid costly errors and improve the level of service you provide to your patients. Sleep Strategies also offers onsite or online training programs that can be fully customized to suit your needs.

A Commitment to Quality

Your patients rely on you for accurate results. And you can rely on us for the same.
With Sleep Strategies’ quality assurance program your sleep laboratory can insure that your in-house scoring technologists fully understand the current AASM scoring rules and are providing the highest level of accurate sleep scoring. Our quality assessments include a documented evaluation of data acquisitions, a selection of randomly-chosen sleep studies for each internal scoring technologists and an in-depth review of scored sleep studies providing you with an inter-scorer reliability report.

Data Acquisition Evaluation and Review

The purpose of the acquisition review is to ensure the maintenance of high quality sleep study collections. It is considered the foundation for effective and accurate gold standard scoring and diagnostic accuracy.


Your staff will be audited and evaluated for their ability to effectively hook-up & monitor patients for sleep studies. All collection parameters will be reviewed including signal quality, troubleshooting and technician comments using Sleep Strategies’ proprietary “Data Acquisition Evaluation Form”. Recommendations provided are intended for implementation during the next collection. The result? Continuous quality assurance.

Scoring Inter-Scorer Reliability Review

The purpose of the scoring review is to ensure reliable, high quality scoring according to laboratory protocol by monitoring inter- and intra-scorer reliability. This effort is an opportunity to learn from one another and to improve the outgoing reports provided to both the interpreting and referring physicians—as well as the care of the patient. This procedure can also be used for the training of new scoring staff.


Each month and for every scoring technologist a previously scored study will be selected and scored by Sleep Strategies. An in-depth report of differences will include positive and reinforcing feedback. A Q/A advisor from Sleep Strategies may also be involved if there are any remaining questions.

Sleep Strategies understands that your success depends on accurate and reliable data for your patients and referring practitioners. Sleep Strategies Quality Assessment Program has assisted sleep laboratories across the country with increasing efficiency and maintaining the highest level of accurate scoring.