Why Hire a Scoring Service?

Sleep scoring services have become the preferred business approach for sleep facilities looking to reduce and manage the growing costs of healthcare administration. The pressure on sleep testing facilities to streamline operations and remain competitive without sacrificing patient care is compounding.

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Benefits of outsourcing your sleep scoring

  • Cut Operational & Related Staffing Costs
  • Quickly Alleviate Record Backlogs
  • Improve Patient Care & Satisfaction
  • Ally with a Provider that Integrates Processes on Demand
  • Provide Faster Results to Referring Physicians
  • Solve Staffing Shortages & Overflows
  • Manage Risk & Gain Access to RPSGTs & Industry Experts
  • Deliver High Quality Patient Care at the Lowest Possible Cost
  • Offset Increasing Costs of Healthcare Delivery
  • Remain Competitive in the Sleep Industry Marketplace